Priorities: God, Family, Church, Job, Recreation

We deal with the Priorities in our lives in different ways.  A MAN OF GOD works hard at keeping his priorities in order.  The order that has worked for me is: God, Family, Church, Job, Recreation.

With the demands of life, it is hard to keep God first.  There is always some emergency or some demand pulling at us.  We must find ways to stay strong in our relationship with God.  What does it take?  There is no replacement for time with Him in worship, prayer, and Bible study.  Some people make the mistake of putting worship in the church category.  That is wrong.  Worshiping with our fellow believers is as important to our relationship to God as is our daily quiet time.  From over 30 years of observation I would say that those who grow lax in participating in corporate worship begin to grow weak in their relationship with God.  Prayer  and Bible study should be combine in a daily quiet time which is a daily meeting with God.  We should keep this daily appointment!

Another observation — too many men only think they spend time with their family.  Excuses are made, “I spend quality time not a quantity of time.”  Here is the bottom line — How much time do you personally spend with each member of your family where your focus is only on them?  Your family need to know that you care for them in a special way.

The  priority of church is where we build our discipleship and ministry lives.  Christ instituted the church to be his “body” in the world today.  We work through our church to grow in Christ and to minister to others.  REMINDER — never make the mistake of lumping worship as a lower priority.  It is part of your first priority to God.  You should share this priority with your family and worship Him together.

Our job, though important for livelihood, should not push out God, family, and church.  Learning balance is difficult.  Men spend so many hours at work that it may become our identity.  We must be more than our jobs.

Recreation is the place for ourselves where we can pull many things together.  We may share recreation with family and friends, but it must be a place where we find refreshing and renewal.

Priorities in life help us as men find balance.


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20 10 2007
Chris Dennis

Church has been a very special part of my life. However, I did not always go to church because I wanted too. I went to church because it was the right thing to do. It looked good on my resume, if you will.

A few years ago, after visiting 2BC for a few weeks, I heard this statement on the way to church.

“You know, for the first time in a long time, I woke up this morning and wanted to go to church.”

Jenny made this statement and I will never forget it.

Going to church on Sunday is not an option for us.

We truly get excited about going to church. We want to worship our Father in Heaven. We want to hear God’s word and we want to see the people who have reached out and made a significant impact in our lives.

I praise God that we were called to 2BC. Godly men from our church have been great examples, great mentors and great friends to me over the last 10 years or so.

Jenny and I are excited about the children’s ministry. Our girls enjoy church and truly want to go every time the doors are open.

Sowing seeds into our girls is important to us. We look forward to the day that the girls accept Jesus as their savior.

Praise God for a great church family!!!!

29 12 2011
Paul Harris

I see that in the priorities, you have God and Church seperate, how can this be? If you make a commitment to Church, isn’t that also a commitment to God? I know people who miss church and activities about Church for birthday parties and other things can can be put on hold, instead they put God and Church on the back burner.

31 07 2009

hi. i agree with those priorities 100%. is there a verse in the Bible to back them up? just curious. thanks!

26 04 2010
Omega Kayrouz

I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

17 06 2010
Pilgrims Journey

In my oppinion your most important mission field is your family. What if you gain your neighbor but lose your family.

17 08 2011

Wouldn’t you put church as seeking God first along with prayer, worship, and reading the word?

19 08 2011
Pilgrims Journey

Christ talked much about priorties. Just remember this, what if you win your neighbor and loose your own family? Time is a commodity, spend it wisely, don’t neglect your personal quite time. To many times I see people giving themselves to the church an neglecting their greatest work at home.

29 12 2011
Paul Harris

I totally agree with you JJorosco, and the Bible tells us to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. If we aren’t putting God and Church first which is one and the same, then are we doing what we should be doing? The Bible also tells us not to neglect the coming together in worship. One last thing, isn’t Church our family also? I know at my church, The Pointe Ministries, they are truly my family and I would never neglect God or my Family.

28 09 2012
Tom Holderith

I agree completely! Do you have scripture behind it? Can’t seem to find it.

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